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Monday, 21 December 2009

Venting out my frustration

Firstly let me remind all that this is my blog, thus, what ever i write in here is my say. So sapa2 yang x puas hati, dipersilakan bawa cursor anda menuju ke icon "x" at the top right hand side of the screen and CLICK! simple isn't it?

Secondly, i would like to congratulate two my colleague in the team who will become ex-colleagues in just a couple more weeks to come, for accepting the offer that came just at the very best time. We will follow u insyaAllah... we? hmm...

Ok.. let me proceed with the entry for tonite. Earlier today, at that place.. had a deep deep conversation with my super superior... more of like venting out all my frustrations. Alhamdulillah.. lega!

Details were:
  • My frustration;
  • My frustration; and
  • My frustration.

Frustrations of how some ppl can be sooooo inconsiderate. Frustrations of how some ppl can be soooo nice in front of u but in reality they are just plainly EVIL. Frustrations of how u worked ur ass off for some people but they didn't acknowledge u or backed u up just to ensure that their territories are safe (so why bother taking care about their subordinates!) Frustrations of how some ppl can just "cuci tangan", "goyang kaki" by just leaving everything to ppl that they know they can just dumped everything to... and yet, no acknowledgement given and no backing up received. Frustration on how some ppl can easily change their moods (kes mood swing la ni..) and expect everyone to follow their swingssss... ah pls.. whatever! Frustrations on the thought that my portfolio under some ppl are expandinggg and yet, what do i get thereafter? Another dissapoinment? Another sucks year? Another BAD BAD reviews as no one bothers to back me up? Sigh... and the frustration lists just goes on and on.

Somehow or rather... it's not the work that really pressure u so much. It's the attitude of ur superiors. After all, people resigned not because they are leaving the company.. BUT they resign because they are leaving their BOSSES!

I am not mean by writing this.. again, this is my blog and i am merely expressing what i experienced this year.

I may look ok to u.. yes u... but the thought about not getting compensated as i should just still haunted me... and honestly i am not ok. Seriously, i don't deserve this. And stop telling me that the absentism caused this... hey... open up ur eyes... there are other people too that should be penalise if it was bcos of the absentism. Can't u see???? And don't say that i didn't do well... i know how i worked last cycle.

It is just UNFAIR!


diana zainal said...

cool cool naz. I can't say I understand how you feel. But it's good that you have talked to (to whoever that you have spoken to) and let the person know honestly how you felt and I bet it was done in a professional manner. Hasilnya may still remain unchanged, tapi at least you let it out. :)

Naz said...

yeap true.. penat la faking myself depan some ppl.. thank god that person I talked to approached me and asked how am i doing/coping, etc.

True enough, may be xde apa2 hasil but then, I'm relieved.