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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

11 weeks

Credit: Baby center

Alhamdulillah, syukur ke hadrat yang Maha Kuasa.  I am now in my 11th week.  Last scan masa 10+ weeks baby is doing great. Baby is already 3cm at that time.  Masa scan tu baby lompat2 and angkat tangan kanan kat mummy dia. Happy to see mummy right baby? I am happy to see u too dearie.  Be good inside ok.

I still have my morning sickness in the evening and at night.  So mmg akan jadi "tofu" la during this time of the day.  Nak2 nya skrg ni the endocrine added another medicine for my sugar control to help the insulin works better.  Nama ubat tu Metformin.  And from my readings, and even the Doc pun cakap yang my nausea will get worst caused by the Merformin.  So instead of taking one pill in the morning and 1 pill in the evening, I was asked to take only half pill pagi and half pill petang.  Not so bad la.

Alhamdulillah, my sugar level looks pretty good these days.  Though I don't really have to check 7 times daily like before, I am still very cautious about that so kadang2 buat juga 7 kali to make sure I am within my range.  

I also lost my appetite recently. And due to frequent vomitting and tak lalu makan, my weight drops abit.  But gynae said it's normal to lose weight or not gaining any in the 1st trimester.  Plus for an obese like me, I am not supposed to be gaining weight very much during pregnancy sbb nanti complication later on.  So even now am entering the 2nd trim, mmg kena betul2 monitor what i eat etc. 

My next scan is next week at 12th week.  Dr Sofi said that this would be more accurate to determine the EDD.  I hope everything will turn out good, inshaAllah..



diana zainal said...

hugs to you naz!!! take care ok..

NazLurve said...

huggiesss... u too dear!!