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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Just what i need!

I think I missed following hubby outstation!

So today, when hubby came back from work and said that he might need to go for an audit in Penang end of January, guessed who got sooooo excited?!!

Me! Me! Me!

InshaAllah, dah masuk 3 bulan ni confident sikit nak travel.  Masa awal2 tu mmg we tried not to travel far sbb baru lagi kan. And of cos, plus all the morning sickness that happened in the evening and night, tak kuasa la nak travel2 ni!

But I guessed I really need the change of air now... and a week away is good enough!  And looks like I have to get my sisters to babysit my 4 furkids then!  Thank god they are all on study break soon!


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