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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Very Itchy Tummy

I was looking at my tummy and saw the obvious lines of Stretch Marks.  Then bagitau la hubby.  Pastu dia gelak dia cakap, "eh yang tu bukan belum pregnant pun mmg dah ada ke?" cisssss!  yelah, mmg la dulu pun ada tapi yang ni mmg obvious.  And yang buat lagi obvious tu sbb this Stretch Mark sgt gatal ok!

wahh.. memang sedap menggaru la.. asyik je. pastu tgk dah start merah2. opppss!! hubby ckp jangan garu tapi time dia x npk, garu gak. hihi. sedap giler!  

then i started to google.  mak aiii! mmg x digalakkan menggaru sbb nanti jadi teruk.  nak share pic kat sini pun cam seriau.  So i looked for alternatives.. besides cutting my nails short! well, kuku mmg kena cut short gak sbb kadang2 tido x sedar dok menggaru!

Memang banyak la cream and lotion for Stretch Mark.  Among all, i chose this... no specify reasons. Ni nampak lagi tempting i supposed.

I bought this in Caring Pharmacy for RM31.  Suka sgt sbb texture dia sangat pekat sebab it's a cream.  kalau lotion cam cair and too watery.  Nonetheless, I got the lotion as a free gift so pakai juga la. hihi.

the free gift.

So now mmg suka sgt sapu kat perut utk hilang kan gatal. mmg elok sgt and hilang gatal. yay! 

mission accomplished!  No more garu2. :))


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