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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Post meeting with the "pemburu kepala"

So here's an update pertaining to the meeting with the so called head hunter yesterday~

The meeting was quite fast actually. Less than 45 minutes kot.  Tu pun I was abit late sbb gi solat dulu before jumpa org tu.  So I think +- maybe around 1/2 hour je kot kita borak2.  Basically she said my resume is pretty straight forward and not much to discuss on my resume.  Cuma dia nak tgk la kita ni camna personally and katanya nak put the name to a face.  Erk! bukan ke ada pic kat resume tu.  Hmm.. what ever lah!

Anyways, first thing dia tanya after dah bersalam salaman tu, is "Do u have any kids?"  Jawapannya of cos la tak kan.  But I terus cakap i mmg plan nak have kids and we are working towards that.  Since dia tak tanya "Are u pregnant?", i xde la nak cakap "i am currently expecting" kan.  Tapi i've already told my hubby kalau dia tanya, i akan cakap that i am pregnant.  and since dia x tanya so x perlu la nak reveal dulu kan.  logically i x tipu dia pun kan.  maybe sebab ilusi baju x menampak kan perut ku yg dah maju ke depan tu, so sbb tu x obvious sgt kot.  Apapun lepas i ckp yg i mmg plan nak have kids tu, dia ok je, xde la dia ckp kalau dpt keja tu kena hold dulu ke etc etc.  So i think it may not be an issue so much kot. hopefully!

The name of the company still remained a secret.  They cannot reveal it yet until I'd be called for an interview then baru dia bgtau. Lerrr.. Nevertheless, i did gather some info pasal company ni such as how established it is, where it is headquartered at and so on so forth.  And some plus points i've gathered regarding the post are as follows:-

1.  My expected salary is within their range for the post so no problem on that.
2.  My background mmg sangat kena mengena dgn post tu.  Even masa baca the JD pun mmg more or less what i did before cuma now, as the role is an inhouse role, more on supporting and managing the employees mobiliy la.  Not so much of doing/reviewing comps sbb ada tax agent sendiri.  So basically cam contact person la gitu.
3.  No immigration involve. Mmg solely on personal income tax matters.  But bare in mind, bukan from Malaysian perspective saja but around the asia pac region.  Nama pun regional tax kan. 
4.  Plus plus plus point, the office is in a very convenient distance.  yay!
5. And more plus plus plus point, walaupun office tu is close by, this role is a HOME-BASED role. so basically, my office will be at HOME!! Best kan?  All the communication devices will be given and all expenses will be reimbursed.  Gi office maybe seminggu sekali camtu je.  

Seriously masa dengar tu cam terus jatuh cinta ngan role ni walaupun tatau ni company apa lagi kan. Hahahaha.  But inshaAllah ok.  It's a UK Company and have been in Malaysia for 15 years.  Terus terfikir seronok nya kalau dapat keja ni sbb with the baby coming, i mmg nak sgt jaga baby ni sendiri but of cos i need to work jugak kan nak tambah2 pendapatan keluarga.  even if i need hire a daily maid untuk jaga baby while am working pun xde la risau sgt sbb baby ada depan i and i can still supervise the maid.  ohhhh berangan!  tp kan mmg ideal sgt la rasanya kalau dapat work from home ni.

Apapun, kita doa byk2. mudah mudahan mmg rezeki i and rezeki baby i. Amin... amin....


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Atie Nash said...

In shaa Allah.. semoga awak dpt kje ni