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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Very Own Candy Buffet!

This is actually an overdue post.  Before this x sempat nak post entry pasal my very own candy buffet ni, so here it is... my masterpiece.. the Candy Buffet!

This was done masa my sister's wedding reception last December.  Masa ni gagahkan juga pergi cari candies for the candy buffet walaupun masa tu still awal2 pregnancy and sgt x larat on some days.  Tapi sebab dah excited nak buat kan, x kan x jadi pulak.  Lagipun, melepaskan hajat sbb actually nak buat for my wedding dulu but dek kerana too busy with other more important stuffs so terpaksa lupakan niat untuk candy buffet ni.

Actually x la susah pun nak buat, u just have to know what candies u nak letak kat meja tu.  There are too many candies out there so unless ur budget has no limit then boleh la nak beli all the candies kan.  As for me,  since i have a quite strict budget limit, I chose 10 types of candies only and i catered for 200-300 pax.  Alhamdulillah, just nice.  Sebab yelah, ni bukan main food kan, just untuk "pemanis mulut" org kata.

I bought the candies kat Old Town PJ.  There is this kedai borong kat situ so mmg murah if nak beli banyak.  But for marshmallow, mcm x confident nak beli kat kedai tu so I ordered online where there is halal cert given to the company so confident la sikit.  sbb u know la marshmallow are made of gelatin kan so x nak terbeli yg x halal pulak.  Dah la nak bg org makan. ish.  As for the jars, ada yang beli, ada yg mmg ada kat rumah or pinjam from mum's and aunty's house.  Lol.  Kata save budget kan, so x payah la nak beli2 sgt those jars.


Alhamdulillah, ramai yang suka and teruja especially my sister.  So happy that she liked it.  And my aunt dah siap2 suruh I buat kan for my cousin's wedding nanti.. InshaAllah.. bisa saja... :)


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