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Sunday, 20 January 2013

One more week and holiday!! yay!!

Ok before semua orang kepelikan, that word "holiday" kat title tu untuk i je ye. untuk hubby bukan holiday.  Kami ke Penang nanti sbb hubby kerja so for him, it is not holiday. only untuk diriku ini je holiday... bercuti dari menjalankan tugas2 housewife di rumah. hehhehehe.

Oh excited! sebab dah lama x gi jalan.  And lagi excited sbb this time around we are not gonna stay at Vistana Hotel. Yelah! Last year, every time gi Penang asyik duduk kat Vistana je.  Bosan gak balik2 the same place.  Nasib la bantal kat Vistana tu fluffy and so comfy, tu yg I don't mind at all. 

But this time, hubby said that we will be staying at..... jeng jeng jeng....

Eh eh, x leh reveal skrg. x surprise la. Actually I pun tatau hotel tu camna. Best ke x.  Tapi google2 cam menarik je. Hubby siap cakap dalam bilik ada jacuzzi.  best best!!

We will wait and see! Harap2 la x mengecewakan sbb as usual, hubby gi kerja, I'll be staying in the room / using the hotel facilities.  So harus la best ye hotel tu nanti... hopefully!


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Wan Amira said...

selamat berjalan2 :)