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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Meeting with a "pemburu kepala"

I'm supposed to be having a meeting today with a headhunter for a job opportunity at this one company.  The meeting was supposed to be at 5pm.  Tapi... x pasal2 postponed to 7.30pm pulak.  Suruh reschedule to tomorrow, dia ckp dah ada other appoinments pulak. Pastu nak reschedule to Thursday.  Hellooo... suka hati je kan... maybe Maulidur Rasul means nothing to her sbb dia CHA YA NUN ALIF but to me i respect that day ok. plus ada kenduri pun hari tu so x kuasa la nak gi jumpa dia kan. 

I malas nak reschedule lagi sbb next week pun i'll be out of town so lama sgt nanti takut i lost the chance pulak.  Lagipun this post sgt sesuai sgt dengan my background.  Regional Tax Manager - Expat Support Service.  Manatau ada rezeki baby kan, dapat la mummy kerja ni.  I pun xde la high hope sgt sbb not many companies would want to hire a pregnant lady.  But again, i always believe in rezeki.  Kita cuba je, kalau Allah dah tentu kan rezeki kita, inshaAllah x kemana.  Same applies to the little bouncy yg tgh growing inside my uterus ni.  Semua ni rezeki dari Nya.

So nampak gayanya solat magrib kat The Curve la hari ni sbb kalau solat kat rumah, harus la x sempat nak sampai The Curve by 7.30pm tu.  Yes, with the traffic and all... letih mak!  So mungkin i'll be leaving home around 6pm, jalan2 kat The Curve, shopping baju baby, solat magrib, then jumpa org tu.  Sound like a perfect plan.  InshaAllah..

On another note, pagi tadi I had turned down one interview from this company called Mewah Oil.  Masa apply tu ingat kan company dia kat KL.  Rupa2nya dekat Pulau Indah.  What the fish! Where the heck is that?!  Org tu ckp area port klang.  Oh no! giler jauh... x nak la... so awal2 i turned down the interview.  Yelah, i cant see myself travelling all the way there. Ntah sesat ke mana pulak nanti kan.  It's ok.  InshaAllah ada rezeki lain.  Amin...


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Atie Nash said...

hehe senang je nak pg pulau indah from kl. from mrr2 u terus je sampai kesas pun u terus je then akan sampai pulau indah. tapi jauh gile2 n of course traffic jem al the way pergi dan balik kerja. If i was u, i pun taknak. hahahaha. gila stress nnt