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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

NT Screening

I am now into my 12th week, alhamdulillah.. :)

Dr Sofi scheduled me for a NT Screening.  Honestly i have no clue what does NT stands for.  haish.. all these medical terms/short forms.. x paham gue!  NT = new trimester? or next trimester? arghh.. wat ever it is, x kisah la.. i only hope that the little bouncy is healthy.

Anyway, kat report tu it says 1st Trimester Screening, so NT tu, maybe maksud dia new trimester kot. lol.  So here's the report and little bouncy's 12th week picture.

Alhamdulillah, all organs appear normal.

Little bouncy at GA 12w2d

Alhamdulillah, little bouncy is healthy.  Very active indeed.  Dr Sofi nak tgk counting heartbeat pun kena few times sbb baby asyik lompat2.  Happy ye sayang.  Semua appear normal.  Baby is now 5.71cm.  Placenta dah nampak masa scan tu. Dr Sofi ckp it is in the right place.  Tak tutup laluan.  Syukur alhamdulillah.  Harap2 as the baby grows, placenta x bergerak menutup laluan tu.

As mummy is concerned, at the moment, my sugar level is in control.  Dr Sofi pun happy. I lagi la happy.  Dr kata next appointment baru start new vitamins. as  of now still continue acid folic and aspirin.  Next appointment is in 4 weeks time.  Lamanya nak tunggu.  I dont mind kalau kena pergi every week or every 2 weeks like before as long dpt tgk this little bouncy.  Tapi Dr Sofi ckp, npk semua ok so not to worry.  InshaAllah.  I yakin Allah swt jaga baby kat dalam. InshaAllah xde apa2.

Sekarang I noticed that I my evening and night dah x brp nak mual and muntah.  the feeling is still there. tapi not as bad as before la. i still dont have a very good appetite to eat but am sure my appetite will come back soon.  masa tu nak kena jaga pulak sbb nk kena monitor my weight juga so that x increase too drastically.

Okie dokie folks. till then.


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Atie Nash said...

yeay...the baby is healthy..I am happy for you...