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Thursday, 17 January 2013

From Nescafe to Milo!

Hubby is a hard core nescafe drinker.  

Me, on the other hand.. not really! 

I don't usually drink nescafe unless betul2 terasa nak minum, then I would make one for me once in a blue moon.  Kadang2 taking a sip from hubby's mug pun is good enuf.  That is why when I decided to be off caffeine in order for a better chance to conceive, it is not really difficult cos I can just don't drink it.

Little that I know, during my 1st trimester, all I want is to drink nescafe! To be more specific, nescafe ice ok!  Yes yes, I know that it is not good to have caffeine while pregnant. But it was so damn hard to resist! Did some readings and none of it said preggers should give up caffeine totally while carrying.  We can still drink coffee but it has to be limited to 2 cups a day.  Ok, good enuf for me!  So I continue taking my nescafe ice every alternate days.  It is so refreshing and i feel so satisfied after each mug of nescafe ice!

As I entered my 13th week, i realised i no longer crave for nescafe! What do I crave now?  


To be specific, air milo yang kita letak dalam freezer and bila dia cam dekat2 nak jadi ice cream tu.  Yummeh!!  

Milo is also another drink that I seldom drink before I conceived. Kalau terasa nak minum pun, masa lepak2 kat mamak. So stok milo mmg xde la kat rumah kan.

1st day terasa nak milo, pau kat umah my MIL... hehhe.. sanggup! 

Then the next day suruh hubby gi beli.  Just a small package will do. Takut kejap je craving ni kan. HuHU!

So let see when am entering my 3rd trim, inshaAllah, nanti air apa pulak yg i nak minum sampai terbayang.. :)))


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