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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bye bye kecik :(

The kittens are now 3 months plus.  Cepatnya masa berlalu.  Seperti yang dijanjikan I have to give 2 of them away sbb takde capacity nak jaga all 6 cats with my condition now.  Dari awal lagi dah set nak bg yang mana sbb tak mo manja kan diorg sgt nanti sedeh.  Tapi kalau dah membesar depan mata.  With their cuteness etc, mmg sedeh jugak la to let go.  But what to do.  Kena let go juga.  so dengan berat hati semalam kecik left us to live with his new daddy (little sister's bf).  Here some of kecik pictures before he left us :(

Self portrait of kecik.  cumel sgt!
Side view :)

kecik & mummy rez
daddy kissed kecik before he left us

Obviously daddy fluff and other siblings tak la sedeh sgt.  But mummy rez noticed anak dia takde.  so she was searching and sniffing around the house cari anak dia.  walaupun yang tiga lagi dok berlari2 kacau mummy dia, tapi i think she can still feel one is missing. nak nanges i tengok ok! dah la tgh sensitip skrg ni. huhuhu.

This saturday stoken pulak will be taken away.  am so sad. rasa berdosa pulak separate them from their mummy.  sian rez, penat2 give birth then anak2 kena take away.  sorry sayang, mummy have to.  tapi mummy bagi dekat org yang rapat ngan kita so that mummy pun boleh tgk kecik and stoken membesar.  mummy rez x mo risau2 ok. they are in good care.


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